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Gay Barcelona

Barcelona's open and liberal attitude unsurprisingly attracts LGBTQ+ travellers from all over the world to this part of northeast Spain. Alongside this generally inclusive culture and a long list of sights to see, from beaches to art and architecture, Barcelona also has a thriving gay scene with plenty to do. At its heart is Eixample, also known as Gayxample or Geixample, where you'll find most of the gay bars, clubs, and cafes. Together with the Gracia district, Eixample provides a safe yet lively space to explore the gay side of Barcelona, whether that's cute independent shops or adult clubs.

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Barcelona Gay Scene

The majority of Barcelona's gay bars and clubs can be found in the Eixample and Gracia districts. As is typical in Spain, they tend to get busy around midnight, when every possible type of crowd comes together to enjoy the uniquely fabulous bubble that is the gay village. Visitors are made to feel at home here, and you'll be surrounded by friendly locals who delight in sharing this amazing place and its diverse range of nightlife spots. From casual café bars to more lively fetish clubs, everywhere you go you'll find the same outgoing and welcoming Latin attitude.

Tours & Experiences in Barcelona

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