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Gay Birmingham

Birmingham is the second biggest city in the UK, and as such it is home to a super diverse population. Birmingham Pride attracts many thousands of people each year, but even outside of Pride month, the gay scene here is still thriving. If you like a night out then there's over 15 bars and clubs to choose from in the Gay Village, but if that's not your thing then there's also gay and gay friendly social groups, cafes, shops, sports clubs and loads more. Whatever your identity and whatever you're into, Birmingham has something for you.

Recommended gay friendly hotels in Birmingham

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Birmingham Gay Scene

Birmingham's Hurst Street is the centre of its Gay Village. This hub for all things queer has been expanding since the decriminalisation, and it's now home to the majority of the city's gay scene. Against a backdrop of sparkly gay street art, this area offers plenty of gay bars and clubs. Different venues are popular with different age groups, styles, and tastes from cocktail bars to cabaret. Even outside of the Gay Village, there's a whole host of LGBTQ friendly places and iconic clubs, so you're bound to find a place you love.

Tours & Experiences in Birmingham

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