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Gay Chicago

Chicago is a city known for embracing diversity and inclusion, from its world-famous Pride celebrations to its claim to the country's first official gay neighbourhood. While the whole city exudes a welcoming vibe, there are a couple of especially queer neighbourhoods that are worth a visit, from the historic importance of Boystown to the quirky local businesses of Andersonville. Roger's Park offers a low-key visit, while Uptown is the place to go for a good old queer party, and this range makes Chicago's gay scene is well worth exploring.

Recommended gay friendly hotels in Chicago

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Chicago Gay Scene

Plenty of gay bars and clubs are scattered across the queer neighbourhoods of Chicago. Each area has its own unique vibe and draws its own crowd, from the low-key style of drinks in Boystown to the loud and proud nightlife of Uptown. You'll find historic bars, modern live music venues, hubs for drag, and a wide range of live music of different genres. Parties and festivals are done big in Chicago as well, so whether you're looking for a sophisticated hangout with friends or you want to party late to live music, there's something for you in this city.

Tours & Experiences in Chicago

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