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Gay Key West

Set aside from mainland Florida, Key West is an island haven for LGBTQ+ travellers at the far end of the Florida Keys. Its location has always made the gay scene here a little different, incorporating many diverse cultures to create a community that's truly unique. The people of Key West are known for their laid-back and accepting nature, while the area itself is famed for its stunning subtropical beaches and the famous faces who have lived here. The likes of Tennessee Williams, Ernest Hemingway, and a host of others brought a culture of relaxation and openness to this remote beach destination.

Recommended gay friendly hotels in Key West

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Key West Gay Scene

On Key West you'll find an amazing number of gay bars and clubs packed onto such a small island. Even the places that aren't specifically catered to the LGBTQ+ community have a super inclusive atmosphere, so you have plenty of destinations to choose from as a queer traveller. There's something for every interest, from fine wine and pool parties to leather clad men and drag queens. Drink and dance the night away at bars that are open till late, find parties in full swing out on the beach, or take advantage of night-time fun at one of many gay resorts.

Tours & Experiences in Key West

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