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Gay New York

New York is the birthplace of the LGBTQ rights movement, as it is home to the famous Stonewall Inn. The Stonewall riots marked the beginning of a diverse community fighting back against oppression, with trans women of colour throwing the first bricks at police raiding the Inn, which was a safe space for people who were rarely safe anywhere else in the city. Today New York is a safe and welcoming city that is proud of its history, and Greenwich Village is now one of five main neighbourhoods that each has a unique queer scene and culture of acceptance.

New York is such a diverse city with gay life found all around, so it is worth working out where the best hotel location is for your trip.  Do you want to be near the nightlife in Hells Kitchen or Greenwich Village, or perhaps out in Brooklyn for an alternative scene?   Wherever you choose to stay, perhaps treat yourself to a luxury hotel or stay budget and spend what you save on partying! Check out GayMapper recommendations for highly rates and gay friendly hotel deals in New York City and Brooklyn. You're able to support GayMapper by checking out our hotel deals as this helps us to keep the site updated with all this useful information!

Recommended gay friendly hotels in New York City

GayMapper brings you a curated selection of accommodation in New York which are in preferred locations and are welcoming to LGBTQ+ travellers. Grab a great deal on your Gay New York hotel stay when you book via GayMapper!


New York gay scene

The famous Stonewall Inn stills stands proudly in Greenwich Village, reminding visitors of the political history that allows so many more modern gay bars and clubs to flourish across the city. There are countless places for the queer community today to find their crowd and feel safe doing so, from the bustling drag scene of East Village to the quirky and alternative parties of Bushwick, from nightclub to karaoke bar to dive, every destination is different. You’re welcome to explore the wide range of places on offer, and you’re sure to find your perfect night.

Tours & experiences in New York

Make the most of your travels to New York by pre-booking our popular tours and experiences.  There's a whole range of options, from cultural and historical to food, drink and nightlife.  Get under the skin of Gay New York, and book a tour or experience now.  Our top recommendations are below, view all available activities here.

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