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Gay Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to one of the biggest LGBTQ communities in the world, from West Hollywood, Silver Lake and Los Feliz to the beach cities and the Valley. The heart of Southern California's largest LGBTQ community is West Hollywood, home to the famous Pride parade, Halloween Costume Carnival, and Outfest. The Abbey is a local icon and the most famous of West Hollywood's nightlife venues. LA has plenty to offer in terms on LGBTQ-friendly events, queer owned spaces such as art galleries and coffee shops, and of course a multitude of restaurants and nightspots.

Recommended gay friendly hotels in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles Gay Scene

LGBTQ nightlife in Los Angeles is incredibly diverse and offers something for everyone. Whether you want to check out the multitude of best-known hotspots in West Hollywood, explore the historic Silver Lake area, or feel the energy of Downtown LA, there's something for everyone no matter what type of night out you're looking for. The gay scene in each area of the city has a unique feel, from the variety of venues offered in Downtown to the cool and artsy buzz of Venice. From stylish bars to kinky clubs, you're spoiled for choice.

Tours & Experiences in Los Angeles

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