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Gay Sydney

Sydney is known for its landmarks, from the Opera House to Bondi Beach, but if you head further into the city, you’ll find a thriving gay scene as well. In the heart of it all is Oxford Street, the home of lively nightlife and the place where locals and visitors gather. Most of the LGBTQ+ people in the city live here as well, in a suburban area known as The Rainbow Ribbon. You’re sure to feel right at home here. Take advantage of the nightlife as well as a modern arts scene, beaches, and famous Mardi Gras celebrations.

Recommended gay friendly hotels in Sydney

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Sydney Gay Scene

Head to Oxford Street and Darlinghurst and you’ll find most of Sydney’s gay and gay-friendly nightlife. The gay scene in Sydney truly has something for everyone. There are popular lesbian hangouts, mixed hipster bars, dark cruise clubs, and everything in between. Many of the community’s favourite bars are based in hotels, including Oxford and Columbian which are long-standing institutions. Find your crowd and take full advantage of what this diverse city has to offer. Bars and clubs here are busy all year round, but annual Mardi Gras celebrations take the nightlife and parties to another level.

Tours & Experiences in Sydney

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