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Gay Toronto

Toronto is famous as a hub for arts and culture in North America, so it’s no surprise that is has fostered such a diverse and welcoming LGBTQ+ community. Church Street Village is by far the most well-known and lively of the city’s gay areas and the most popular place to go for a great night out, but there are also many places across the city that are equally welcoming. Beyond the all-important bars and clubs, Toronto offers cafes, shops, and restaurants that are popular with the queer community and dotted across the city, including the famous Queer West Village.

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Toronto Gay Scene

The range of gay nightlife in Toronto is wonderfully eclectic, drawing people from across the spectrum of ages, genders, and orientations. The majority of nightlife venues can be found at the intersection of Church Street and Wellesley street where the atmosphere is buzzing and the bars and clubs host something for everyone every night of the week. Most of the venues here are also super popular destinations for drag shows, so head here for a classically camp night out. Meanwhile in the Queer West Village you can find edgier queer friendly bars offering something a little bit different.

Tours & Experiences in Toronto

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