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Gay San Diego

San Diego is known for its friendly people and welcoming atmosphere, and nowhere is this more prominent than on the LGBTQ+ scene. One of the most popular destinations in the country for queer tourists, San Diego welcomes people from across all the spectrums of the community. The Hillcrest area is the hub of the LGBTQ+ scene and is always buzzing no matter what the season, hosting events from CityFest to the renowned annual Pride parade. The party atmosphere can also be found across the city, where more queer friendly destinations welcome you in for a good time.

Recommended gay friendly hotels in San Diego

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San Diego Gay Scene

Most of the LGBTQ+ meeting places in the city, particularly nightlife destinations, can be found in the fabulous Hillcrest neighbourhood. There’s always a party happening here and crowds of friendly and equally fabulous people to spend your night with. That being said, other neighbourhoods across the city such as North Park and University Heights, are emerging onto the gay scene and becoming destinations in their own right. Here you can find even more queer-friendly places to drink or dance the night away. You’re bound to find a place to suit your taste or even discover something new on your travels.

Tours & Experiences in San Diego

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