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Gay Sitges

Sitges is a classic seaside town a stone’s throw from Barcelona where people from all over the world come to enjoy beaches and Summer sun, but it remains popular year-round thanks to its thriving gay scene. Bassa Rodona is the main gay beach where you can relax with crowds of other tourists, but there are also nude beaches such as Balmins if that’s your thing. Heading into town you’ll find picturesque streets that come to life at night, where Plaça Indústria is the hub of gay nightlife. During the day you can visit loads of boutique shops and eateries too.

Recommended gay friendly hotels in Sitges

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Sitges Gay Scene

Plaça Indústria in the heart of Sitges is the place to be if you’re looking to experience the true gay energy of Sitges. All the gay bars and clubs in town line this square and neighbouring streets so you can hop from place to place for the variety of entertainment on offer. Enjoy a meal, sit back with your drinks and people-watch, or sample popular cruise clubs, dance clubs, and drag shows. The bars and restaurants all have seating on terraces and pedestrian streets, letting the party spill outside and filling the square with energy each night.

Tours & Experiences in Sitges

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