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Gay Provincetown

Provincetown, Massachusetts, often called P-Town, is a favourite destination for LGBTQ+ travellers, having historically been a place for quirky artist types and anyone a little different. Explore the rich history that's woven into every part of town, but also appreciate the progressive and modern culture that welcomes everyone in. For such a small seaside town, Provincetown has a deep diversity of culture and a thriving gay scene that attracts travellers all year round but really comes into its own in the Summer months. Of note is Provincetown Bear Week in July or August each year, which sees thousands of Bears and admirers flocking together from across the globe. Commercial Street is the heart of the gay scene, but LGBTQ+ and mixed clubs are spread across Provincetown.

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Provincetown Gay Scene

Provincetown may be small but it's bursting with pubs, clubs, and all sorts of great places to spend a night. The huge local LGBTQ+ community keeps the nightlife scene lively, but when tourists come to town it gains a new kind of energy. If you're looking for somewhere to let go and dance like no-one's watching, there are several clubs where the focus is all on the dance floor. There are also areas with a more upmarket feel, where you can find quieter spaces for cocktails and sunny afternoon teas.

Tours & Experiences in Provincetown

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