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Gay Vancouver

A diverse and friendly LGBTQ+ community compliments the generally progressive attitude for which Vancouver is known. Davie Street in the West End is arguably the gayest of gay neighbourhoods in the city. Everything here is loud, proud, and bursting with colour, making it absolute must-see destination for queer travellers while it’s equally popular with locals. For a slightly quieter and more hipster experience then head to Commercial Drive, where the local gays love to hang out. If neither is your scene, head to any of the other queer and queer friendly places that are common throughout the city.

Recommended gay friendly hotels in Vancouver

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Vancouver Gay Scene

There are plenty of places for a drink here in Vancouver at any time of the day, particularly in the queer areas. The main gay scene on Davie Street may be small but its packed full of energy and has a thriving nightlife. There’s always a party and a dance floor waiting for you every night of the week. If late nights aren’t so much your thing, then day drinking and people watching are also popular pastimes here, so you’ll find a number of bars and pubs with their patios open for a social drink during the day.

Tours & Experiences in Vancouver

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