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Bare Bones Cafe & Bar

Bare Bones Cafe & Bar

Bare Bones Cafe & Bar, Southeast Belmont Street, Portland, OR, USA

Bare Bones a bar on one side and a cafe on the other. Both areas welcome families, students and crowds of local gays who knows this is a safe space. The bar has a casual atmosphere and good music, while both areas have access to patio seating, and a game room with pool tables, pinball, and all your other favourites. A full bar serves great drinks along with a delicious menu featuring an all-day breakfast and popular brunch.


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Eagle Portland

Eagle is Portland's number one bear and leather bar, for the gays of these communities and their admirers. It hosts various events throughout the week such as karaoke, BBQs, and movie screenings, plus dance parties with DJs and often a theme such as uniform. There is a range of draft beers on tap, snacks served at the bar, talented DJs to keep the party going, and an outside area if you're looking for somewhere quieter. This is a place for like-minded people to unwind without judgement, as The Eagle has a zero tolerance policy for non-consensual behaviour or bullying.


The Silverado has been one of the most popular bars for gay men in Portland for almost 35 years. It offers two very different experiences all in one place, catering to all types of crowds. Downstairs is a basement club where you can dance the night away and enjoy entertainment by the hottest male dancers in the city. Upstairs is more suited to a quiet catch up over drinks during the day, along with great food from the kitchen.


Located downtown in the original Pink Triangle, Scandals has been a staple in the gay scene since 1979. It has changed with the time to bring you an energetic and modern space where you can relax. Scandals hosts annual block parties, draws camp crowds for karaoke every Tuesday nights, and puts local bands in the spotlight every week. There's always something happening here but no matter the music or the event, the venue is warm and welcoming to everyone.

Crush Bar

Voted Best Bar in Portland 2017, Crush is a cool space for all members of the LGBTQ+ community to hang out. It has a fun and kitschy theme, quirky decor, and an unpretentious atmosphere that welcomes everyone in. Crush is a place to relax, whether that's with a bit of dancing or watching one of the regular drag and burlesque shows hosted here. You're guaranteed to find your crowd here.

Stag PDX

Stag is Portland's hottest bar that's just for gay men, featuring a host of live entertainment including hot male dancers. The club atmosphere is relaxed but lively, while a combination of leather furnishings, exposed bricks, and barely dressed guys gives the venue a unique feel. Live DJs are always there to provide great music, and on Sundays there's a popular drag brunch with cheap but quality food.

Darcelle XV

Darcelle is the oldest drag club in the country, whose namesake holds the world record for the oldest working female impersonator. With such a big name in performance at the helm, the Darcelle Showplace continues to be the place to go on Portland's gay scene and draws crowds from across the world. A talented cast of drag queens keep people entertained night after night, plus male dancers at the regular Midnight Show.

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