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Crescent Lounge

Crescent Lounge

Crescent Lounge, East Olive Way, Seattle, WA, USA

This favourite Capitol Hill dive bar is relatively small but full of personality. For decades it has stuck with classic decor, traditional drinks, and a no-nonsense vibe. This is a bar that's become a local institution by hosting many a tipsy karaoke night over the years, and it remains as popular today as it was back then. You know you'll always be welcomed in and there will always be new friends to meet at the bar with strong cocktails.

Cocktails, Karaoke

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A camp and queer crew keep this bar at the top of everyone's lists, providing a safe space that promotes inclusivity, always. A diverse range of DJs provide music every day of the week, while on Friday and Saturday nights you can catch some local drag legends taking the stage. A delicious menu of food, including wings and sandwiches, is provided by Sunset Fried Chicken. Come support your favourite queens and stay for the food!


Pony has a slightly vintage dive bar feel as the club is housed in a 1930s gas station, but the space has been transformed to suit the modern LGBTQ+ community in all its glory. Whoever chooses the music has a perfectly diverse taste, from hip hop to pop, that keeps the dance floor going into the early hours. Unique features such as a retractable roof and a fire pit put Pony firmly on the map all year round.

Seattle Eagle

The Eagle is definitely a destination for the butch gays of the city. It's been serving a friendly community of leather guys for almost 40 years, providing a dark and sexy space in the heart of the Capitol Hill neighbourhood. It's a classic bar space with pool tables and an outdoor patio, while a dark chain-link decor and cruisy themed nights make it a little different from the other bars in the neighbourhood...


Diesel is Seattle's premier bar for bears and their admirers, and it's completely gay owned and operated so the friendly staff know how to make your night enjoyable. The bar is proud to be "by bears, for bears", conveniently located in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood where you can find your crowd. It has a heavy masculine influence but a laidback vibe that makes everyone feel at home, from stereotypical bears and bikers to those who just want to meet them.

Madison Pub

Madison is one of the most popular gay bars in the city, with perfectly camp and welcoming barenders. This is the perfect place for friends to gather and enjoy a casual game of pool, darts, pinball. There are daily specials on drinks, including delicious cocktails, pitchers, and beers on tap. or to grab a cocktails and beers on tap. Madison hosts regular trivia games and awards weekly cash prizes, so drop by here to de-stress and play.

The Cuff Complex

This multiplex complex serves as a "community living room", dedicated to a diverse but masculine crowd. There's something for everyone to enjoy, from billiards and darts on the main floor, an outdoor patio space, and "the dog run" where people just gather for a chat. The Cuff is the home of many of Seattle's fetish groups as well as the bear and biker community, but everyone is welcome and accepted.

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