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Rico, Mittelstraße, Cologne, Germany

We offer European coffee specialties based on the Viennese coffee manufacturer Julius Meinl. We get our fresh milk from the Hielscher Hof in the Bergisches Land. We also offer lactose-free milk.

We obtain our loose high-quality teas from the cöln tea house in the immediate vicinity of our cafes on Benesisstrasse.
We get the right tea water from a spring in the Eifel - soft, clear, not chalky & tasteless.

You get good, delicious coffee, tea or cocoa in connection with one of the most delicious breakfasts in the cathedral city of Cologne with us every day.

Everything is rounded off with delicious cakes (also gluten-free), as well as quiche, tarte flambee, salads, soups and sandwiches.

A number of unusual non-alcoholic drinks, juices, shakes, smoothies (also vegan) complete the range in addition to some types of beer from Germany, Belgium and Spain.

For wine lovers we have put together a small selection of wines from the regions of Spain, Germany and France.

Our sparkling wines are Cremant from the Loire and excellent champagnes.

For lovers of Gin & Tonics, we have a number of premium brands to choose from, such as Windspiel Gin, LAW Ibiza Dry Gin, Gin Mare etc.

Test us, we warmly welcome you to be our guest.


Good for:

Popular bars in


Die Mumu

We are the somewhat wacky bar in Schaafenstrasse Cologne, We have (almost) no rest days, but lots of partying! We look forward to you.


For more than 30 years the alternative in Cologne's Bermuda Triangle, the pub that somehow never changes but is different every evening and which in its long history has never been closed for an evening and usually long beyond the opening times. Come by and get to know the shop that you can't describe.

My Lord Bar Köln

Friendly, mature crowd.My Lord pampers his guests with homemade dishes on the weekends and small snacks are available during the week.

Zum Pitter Cologne

Our "Zum Pitter Cologne" has been the first point of contact for gays and friends in the middle of Cologne's lively and popular old town for many years. With us you can forget the worries of everyday life, meet very nice people and just feel good. It is not for nothing that our guests often refer to Zum Pitter Cologne as the "living room". A compliment that we are very happy about ... This is of course primarily due to our friendly (and good-looking ...) staff, who lovingly take care of every guest every day. And our parties are also legendary: Here, with delicious SION Kölsch and good-mood music, people celebrate, flirt and dance until late in the morning. In a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, of course. A visit to Pitter Cologne is a must for every gay person visiting Cologne. Because our "regulars" are the most personable gays in town. Without any doubt...


Ex-IRON boss Torsten Ahmon's new bar in Cologne's Bermuda Triangle. In the evening cocktail bar with a large wine list and many specialties, we offer homemade cakes, salads and snacks during the day in a cozy, family atmosphere. Enjoy one of the delicious coffee specialties with it.

Zur Kaiserin

Zur Kaiserin - the trendy bar in Cologne. We look forward to seeing you on the outskirts of Cologne's old town.

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