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Edelheiss, Pestalozzistraße, Munich, Germany

Traditional beer bear bar.


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Cafe Glück

Cafe Glück is an institution within the Munich restaurant- and bar-circuit for about 13 years. It lays within the almost romantic "Glockenbachviertel", a part of Munich where queer and straight, student and worker, bohemian and bourgeois is mixing effortlessly. The interior is an eclectic, still original mix of antiques and neo-hippie-style, the daily menu is always fresh and healthy, the staff friendly and as varied as the audience, the music relaxed, still modern. A very special, lovely and original place.

Sub Cafe

A few steps from Gärtnerplatz is the cafe in the Sub, a pillar of the gay, social and cultural center for gay, bisexual and queer men and trans people in Munich. The Cafe im Sub is the meeting point for everyone who wants to meet up with their friends or make new acquaintances - or who want to find out what's going on in Munich's gay scene. The cafe offers a large selection of drinks - juices, teas, beers, long drinks - at reasonable prices and is run entirely by volunteers. All income from the cafe operation goes to the LGBTI * offers of the sub. However, there is no compulsion to consume in the cafe. On some evenings, certain clubs or organizations (e.g. TransMann, LeTRa, Bushido Karate and many more) take over the counter service in the cafes. These theme evenings enable our guests to get to know many of the LGBTIQ * groups in the community directly and to talk to them. (Thanks to the counter service in the sub, groups and initiatives have the opportunity to present themselves and their offers and to actively support the community.) The Sub is also a cultural center and offers many artists the opportunity to exhibit their work on the walls of the cafe. Concerts, readings and lectures also take place regularly in the house and show how diverse and colorful our community is! Especially for those who are only just beginning to deal with their own gender identity and / or sexual orientation, there are low-threshold opportunities for discussion through advice in the evening or the information service. You can read or borrow relevant books and information material from and for the community in our cozy library. There is something for everyone here - for every person, every culture, every age group and every interest.

Cafe NiL

Back to the roots! The legendary NiL, one of the first bars in the Munich gay community, is back. The original with Manfred as host. As in the past, he welcomes guests of all ages. They should get to know each other and feel completely at home. The scene finally has its long-missed living room back. Bigger and more glamorous than ever.


Traditional beer bear bar.


LGBTQ+ friendly cafe, restaurant and cocktail bar. When there is good weather they provide a street terrace.


Compact, LGBT cocktail lounge with live music, men-only nights & other special events.

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