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The Four Seasons Bar

The Four Seasons Bar

Four Seasons & Patio Stage Bar, North Causeway Boulevard, Metairie, LA, USA

Hidden away in Metairie away from the central gay scene, Four Seasons is a reliable hangout spot for the local queer community. It's something of a hidden gem, off the beaten path but always up for a party. Parties here attract a fun and friendly crowd, and the bar also hosts regular drag revues that are especially popular. To explore a different part of the city get a taste of a smaller gay hideaway, this is the place to go.

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New Orleans

The Corner Pocket

This is a place where boys dance nightly on the bar, but it's also a classic neighbourhood bar with a down-to-earth attitude. The bar has an 80s and 90s vibe so you can get lost in nostalgia, especially at daily happy hour with great value vodka cocktails and your other favourite drinks. Crowds gather every night to enjoy the views of the dancers, and every Friday is New Meat Night where new and attractive guys dance for a jackpot.

Good Friends Bar

Good Friends Bar is located in the lively French Quarter, surrounded by other gay bars and in the heart of the scene. This traditional yet quirky venue is designed for a quieter night out, serving classic drinks at unbeatable prices in a charmingly old-fashioned space. Downstairs there is a solid mahogany bar, brick fireplace, pool tables, and a host of unique decor, while upstairs you'll find the Queen's Head Pub offering an intimate Victorian atmosphere.

Napoleon's Itch

This is Bourbon Street's premier bar for classy craft cocktails and a sophisticated night on the town. There's never a cover charge but always an upscale style and a brilliant energy. It's also known for its live entertainment such as music and other shows, all hosted in this prime location in the bustling French Quarter. Be sure to sample all the signature drinks and enjoy the fresh air at any time of day.


Priding itself on true Southern hospitality, GrandPre's is an all inclusive gay bar. The friendly local crowd that gathers here does not care who you are, they are sure to welcome you in for a drink and to enjoy the entertainment. Tucked away in a corner of the French Quarter, GrandPre's offers good clean fun with none of the big city attitude or prices. Classic cocktails coupled with drag shows make for an enjoyable night.

The Page Bar

The Page is the number one Black owned gay bar in New Orleans, providing a truly inclusive atmosphere. This is the perfect place to hang out after work and stay late into the night for strong drinks and daily happy hours. The bar attracts a welcoming crowd of locals who come here for reliably good music and delicious craft cocktails, so if you want a true taste of diverse New Orleans culture, The Page is the place to go.

Mag's 940

This gay bar unusually doubles as a guest house, making it the perfect destination if you want to immerse yourself in the New Orleans gay scene. It's a dive bar and performance space that represents the dingy and more traditional side of the Marigny neighbourhood, hosting fabulous drag shows and offering the biggest liquor selection in town. For some good old-fashioned fun and stiff drinks, this is the place to be.

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