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Ritz Bar and Lounge

Ritz Bar and Lounge

Ritz Bar and Lounge, West 46th Street, New York, NY, USA

Docked on Restaurant Row, the naval-inspired Ritz comprises two bars, bi-level backyard patio, and a second street-facing patio space, while natural wood sets a stylish mood inside the lounge. Nightly shows with renowned DJs and exceptional sound and lighting systems make Ritz one of the most popular dance club experiences in the Hell's Kitchen area, where all identities and backgrounds are welcome.

Drag, Outdoor Seating

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New York City

Phoenix Bar

The Phoenix has been a staple for gay nightlife in the East Village for decades, attracting generally younger clientele. It has always catered to a trendy and ever-changing crowd and is now the place to be seen for party lovers across New York and further afield. The Phoenix regularly hosts themed events and parties, as well as live music, DJs, and go-go dancers, but it's best known for its jukebox full of the latest and greatest pop.


New York's neighbourhood fusion bar is welcoming to everyone of all identities, but it particularly popular with the lesbian community. The small but busy bar is tucked away in a corner of West Village, so it's surrounded by the history of the pride movement and the empowerment of its community. It continues to provide a safe space with a homely atmosphere and a diverse crowd. For new friends, queer conversations, and of course a few drinks, this is the place to go.


Julius' is the oldest gay bar in New York. It's a friendly neighbourhood bar that's especially popular with locals who regularly stop by for drinks or delicious fried comfort foods after work, but tourists will always be welcomed. Both the staff and the regular crowd are friendly and accepting of the whole community, and everyone who discovers this hidden gem of a bar praises the cheap drinks and amazing quality of the food.

Flaming Saddles Saloon

Flaming Saddles in the Hell's Kitchen area of NYC is the newest gay western saloon on the scene. The interior is designed to feel like you're in the Wild West, although the hot male bartenders dancing on the bar might give it away... When they're not dancing, they're serving delicious cocktails and other drinks at great prices, with regular deals and daily happy hour. You're promised a loud, proud, and very high energy night if you come here.

The Stonewall Inn

The Stonewall Inn is the site of the 1969 riots that launched the gay rights movement. It's no surprise that queer people from all over the world come to this iconic bar to connect and partake in their history with a drink and maybe even a chat with Tree, the same bartender who was working the night of the riots. This is a truly unique and transformational night out, with the added bonus of great beer.

Posh Bar

Everyone is welcome at Posh, and as each day of the week is a different theme, there really is something for everyone. At the daily happy hour you can get a wide range of beers at low prices, and coupled with DJs playing a range of genres every night you're bound to have a fun time. Live shows, drag competitions, and the chance of free pizza are just some of the reasons people keep coming back.

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