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Bärenhöhle, Schönhauser Allee, Berlin, Germany

The meeting place of the gay scene in Prenzlauer Berg. The Bear Cave is a small cozy bar where "man meets man" and usually bears are cozy creatures. Everyone feels comfortable here, no matter if bear, bear lover or non-bear, no matter if old or young, no matter if fat or thin. With us in the foreground is who you are and not what you have or how you look and so everyone comes quickly into conversation with the other guests.Just as mixed as our guests is the music that we play in the Bear Cave - whether oldies, German hits or international hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s up to the hits of today. There is something for everyone. And of course you can also dance and sing (karaoke available)

Bear, Mature, Pub Vibes

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Popular bars in


Woof Berlin

Berlin's most popular bar among bears and their admirers, located on Fuggerstrasse in Berlin's gay village. Now with tables outside as well as inside, the bar offers a broad range of drinks and a friendly, yet cruisy atmosphere. The darkroom is open once again, and there is a smoking room inside the bar too. Come and say hi to Kim, the handsome owner, and the other great guys behind the bar. Closing time depends on how long guests stay drinking! Men only.

Club Triebwerk

Here you can enjoy yourselves at more than 300 adult play parties and on over 50 open days (on Mondays) a year. On two floors we offer you air-conditioned bar, lounge with big video screen and playing areas plus one of the biggest and finest darkrooms in Berlin, including St. Andrew's cross, video cabins, gynecological examination chair and sling.


The Lab-Oratory is not made for vulnerable souls. Every night has a different theme, almost always with a certain fetish (sport clothes, leather, yellow, etc). Only on friday nights there is no dress code and everyone can wear (or not) what he wants to. In the magnificent, industrial setting men (women are not allowed) can do what they want with each other. In the weekends you can often enter the Berghain at a reduced rate. Please mind: the doors only open two hours, to make sure that the number of visitors isn't spread out too much throughout the night.

BULL Berlin

Bull is famous for its 24 hour cruising, and you should always find someone to have fun with. A sling area and vidoes playing in the bar, this isn't the place you'd choose for a quiet drink.

Böse Buben

We are a club of adult men (founded on September 6, 1996), who enjoy and foster innovative play. We believe that good play requires responsibility and mutual respect, as well as practice, experience and a place to experiment. We are the leading club in Germany for all varieties of SM, in particular flagellation. We receive visitors from all parts of Europe and the world who wish to practice or learn about the art of spanking for pleasure. In our clubrooms you will find all age groups, a definite enrichment for our "play sessions". It is our intention to be a counterbalance to the commercialized scene and we attach importance to time, room, and a stimulating atmosphere at reasonable cost. We try to be of assistance to our members and visitors with their questions and problems. We boost consciousness for the various forms of sexuality among adults and are involved in projects to educate the general public in order to prevent social isolation and sexual violence. We condone an imaginative, positive and responsible attitude towards sexuality.Therefore we look forward to men of all ages, their curiosity and their experience. What's more we always welcome every dress code. Don't worry, you won't escape unnoticed.

New Action

The place to be in Berlin for all kinds of Gay Fetish. This cruising bar is strictly for gay men only.Leather / Rubber / Worker / Skin / Boots / Braces / Sportswear / Pigs / Master / Slave / Uniform / Army / Biker. Jeans only in combination with full skin gear, i.e. bleached, polo, bald or zero-copped.NO cologneNO slippers or fashion shoes.NO nazi stuff or right wing signs.

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