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Berlin Gay Bars

Berlin is by far the largest city in Germany, being twice the size of Hamburg, and with it comes widespread acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community and a large and varied gay scene. With many gay bars and clubs catering to different crowds, Berlin gay life is probably more edgy than most other cities and an international reputation for fetish lovers. Berlin is quite spread out as a city, so you will find gay bars and events happening across town. Find all you need about Gay Berlin in the GayMapper Berlin Gay Guide.


BULL Berlin

Cruising, Mature, Young

Bull is famous for its 24 hour cruising, and you should always find someone to have fun with. A sling area and vidoes playing in the bar, this isn't the place you'd choose for a quiet drink.

Bar Grosse Freiheit 114

Mature, Outdoor, Cruising

Grosse Freiheit 114, gay bar in friedrichshain. Founded in 2005, it has since been a popular establishment for neighbourhood night owls and visitors to Berlin alike. We offer great drinks, friendly service, fun, play, and an exciting place for 18+ gay boys who appreciate a close family environment to unload and turn the night into day. Whether playing darts, choosing music on the jukebox, chilling out on the patio, or cruising the calming \"guest rooms\", with us, no one stays alone for long. In Grosse Freiheit, all fetishes are welcome, there is no dress code, and entrance is always free.We have both smoke and smoke free areas to ensure everyone's time is pleasant.

Bar Saint Jean

Gay Friendly, Cocktails, Young

The owner of the friendly bar, Johann, comes from a little village called Saint Jean, located in Lorraine, eastern France, after which the bar is named. He believed that Berlin seemed just to be the perfect place for his little bar idea with a French touch. Bar Saint Jean is a simple place. Clear lines, not too much details, no chi chi, where people simply go to take a good drink, weekends and during the week.


Cash, Young, Cocktails

A cosy cafe bar in the Kreuzberg area, offering a great range of homemade cakes and tarts. A cosy atmosphere continues to the evening where you can get some great cocktails.


Mature, Smoking, Pub Vibes

A small, long-established bar, open 24 hours a day and located near Alexanderplatz. Not the place for large groups, but rated for a cosy drink, if you don't mind the smoking.

Betty F***

Dancing, Drag

Betty f is a small basement gay bar in Berlin Mitte, with cabaret entertainment. Gets busy on weekends.


Young, Smoking, Cocktails

Boy bar located in the gay area Schoeneberg. You will find new friends here from all over the world. Nice loud music and offer a good range of cocktails with good service.


Bear, Mature, Pub Vibes

The meeting place of the gay scene in Prenzlauer Berg. The Bear Cave is a small cozy bar where "man meets man" and usually bears are cozy creatures. Everyone feels comfortable here, no matter if bear, bear lover or non-bear, no matter if old or young, no matter if fat or thin. With us in the foreground is who you are and not what you have or how you look and so everyone comes quickly into conversation with the other guests.Just as mixed as our guests is the music that we play in the Bear Cave - whether oldies, German hits or international hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s up to the hits of today. There is something for everyone. And of course you can also dance and sing (karaoke available)

Böse Buben

Fetish, Cruising

We are a club of adult men (founded on September 6, 1996), who enjoy and foster innovative play. We believe that good play requires responsibility and mutual respect, as well as practice, experience and a place to experiment. We are the leading club in Germany for all varieties of SM, in particular flagellation. We receive visitors from all parts of Europe and the world who wish to practice or learn about the art of spanking for pleasure. In our clubrooms you will find all age groups, a definite enrichment for our "play sessions". It is our intention to be a counterbalance to the commercialized scene and we attach importance to time, room, and a stimulating atmosphere at reasonable cost. We try to be of assistance to our members and visitors with their questions and problems. We boost consciousness for the various forms of sexuality among adults and are involved in projects to educate the general public in order to prevent social isolation and sexual violence. We condone an imaginative, positive and responsible attitude towards sexuality.Therefore we look forward to men of all ages, their curiosity and their experience. What's more we always welcome every dress code. Don't worry, you won't escape unnoticed.

Cafe Berio

Outdoor Seating, Food

A well known Schöneberg gay cafe with lots of seating possibilities, a good selection of cakes, tarts and a big summer terrace.

Cafe/Bar Marienhof

Older Crowd

The Marienhof is one of the best known and most popular bars in Berlin Prenslauer Berg. The ambience, the personal atmosphere and the central location make it so unique in Berlin. There is always something going on here Tuesday to Saturday ... (sometimes earlier, sometimes later) We enrich the Berlin nightlife with a hot address that has more to offer than moderate drink prices and seeing - and - being seen.

Capture Bar

Young Crowd, PubVibes

New gar bar in Friedrichshain. According to the owner the glamourest Gay Bar in Berlin. Close by the many bars and restaurants on Simon Dach Strasse.

Club Triebwerk

Cruising, Older Crowd

Here you can enjoy yourselves at more than 300 adult play parties and on over 50 open days (on Mondays) a year. On two floors we offer you air-conditioned bar, lounge with big video screen and playing areas plus one of the biggest and finest darkrooms in Berlin, including St. Andrew's cross, video cabins, gynecological examination chair and sling.

Connection Club

Dancing, Cruising

Techno / house dance club located in the gay area Schoeneberg, next door to Prinzknecht. Offers music across 3 floors and some cruising areas. The type of customer varies between 25 and 45 years old and the prices are low. Watch out for their programs as you might have to queue in order to get in.

Curly Cafe


Curly Cafe is a cosy, friendly queer cafe where barista coffee with cake and tapas are offered. The cafe is smaller, but perfect for drinks and chit-chat with friends.


Mature, Smoking

Tiny, smoky place with friendly bartenders were you get in touch with other guests quickly.

Ficken 3000

Cash Only, Smoking, Cruising

Ficken 3000 is open every day from 10 p.m. At least until 8:00 a.m. or until all the guests have left. In the basement there is a dark room where guests should like to have fun - if they want to. On Tuesdays the whole night is the "wages bag ball" (2-4-1). Then you get two identical drinks for the price of one.


Young Crowd

Smaller gay bar in Prenzlauer Berg. The bar mainly attracts young people and the bar is well attended especially on Karaoke nights. People tend to be chatty so if you want to spend an evening in company you should have a look.


Older Crowd, Smoking, Cruising

The Greifbar, located in Prenzlauer-Berg, the heart of old East Berlin, is a traditional gay bar for gay men and their friends in the style of a construction worker. Here you can meet exciting and interesting guys, have a drink in a relaxed atmosphere or celebrate with your friends. The bar offers also a cruising area.


Older Crowd, Pub Vibes, Smoking

Great place to get a drink and chill out with friends. Occasionally they offer german schlager music events hosted by drag queens.

Heile Welt

Cocktails, Young

Beautiful and welcoming bar for everyone. Music indoors is not too loud and perfect for conversations and the interior strikes a pose in a retro lounge design. The crowd tends to be youngish in the bar.


Older Crowd, Drag, Smoking

Cabaret bar where prices are moderate and the guests are being entertained by a variety of shows. This venue also offers a regular round of table for trans men & women where they and their friends can meet. The bar offers a lively atmosphere with a colourful interior.

K6 Bar

Older Crowd, Drag, Dancing, Smoking

We are waiting for you: about 500m from the KaDeWe with a large beer garden in the middle of the Motz / Eisenacher-Kiez with dance floor, Music from pop to pop


Fetish, Cruising

The Lab-Oratory is not made for vulnerable souls. Every night has a different theme, almost always with a certain fetish (sport clothes, leather, yellow, etc). Only on friday nights there is no dress code and everyone can wear (or not) what he wants to. In the magnificent, industrial setting men (women are not allowed) can do what they want with each other. In the weekends you can often enter the Berghain at a reduced rate. Please mind: the doors only open two hours, to make sure that the number of visitors isn't spread out too much throughout the night.


Fetish, Older Crowd, Cruising

Leather bar in the rainbow district in Berlin. Recently refurbished with a great selection of drinks.

Möbel Olfe

Young Crowd, Smoking, Pub Vibes

Cool smoking bar at Kottbusser Tor with a small outdoor terrace. Slightly hidden away in a 1970s shopping arcade, but warm and friendly when you get there. The crowd is mostly of locals in their 20s and 30s. Look for the large "HOMO Bar" sign in the window!

New Action

Fetish, Cruising

The place to be in Berlin for all kinds of Gay Fetish. This cruising bar is strictly for gay men only.Leather / Rubber / Worker / Skin / Boots / Braces / Sportswear / Pigs / Master / Slave / Uniform / Army / Biker. Jeans only in combination with full skin gear, i.e. bleached, polo, bald or zero-copped.NO cologneNO slippers or fashion shoes.NO nazi stuff or right wing signs.


Older Crowd, Pub Vibes

A long established bar on the main gay street in Berlin, Pinocchio attracts a mainly older crowd and has a number of regular locals who like a drink there.


Men Only, Bear, Fetish, Older Crowd, Outdoor

Prinzknecht is a big pub / bar were Berliners start their evening with some beers. Wednesday they have their famous happy hour special. The crowd tends to be beary, mature guys. In the back you can find a smoking and in the basement a cruising area which is not as busy as other places intown. All in all a friendly atmosphere were you can meet a lot of good looking chatty people.


Dancing, Drag, Cocktails

Rauschgold - the bar where the night never ends. We have been around in the middle of Berlin Kreuzberg since 2005. Everyone is welcome. We are open for you daily from 8:00 p.m. Regular events, shows and karaoke. Naturally suitable music from Berlin DJs, delicious drinks, a great team and a cozy location make the gold into your living room in Berlin Kreuzberg. Come over, celebrate with us! We look forward to you.

Romeo und Romeo

Outdoor Seating, Food, Older Crowd, Cash

Romeo and Romeo is a friendly place to have coffee and cake. They offer free WIFI and is a good place to start your day in Schßneberg. The cafe is popular during summers and good for hanging out and watching people.


Drag, Dancing, Smoking

An alternative gay bar in Kreuzberg, with a quirky interior featuring walls lined with pink fur and kitsch accessories. It's not a huge bar, so it can get extremely busy at peak times. If you have been to places like the Retro Bar or Vauxhall Tavern in London, then Roses would be worth a visit.


Drag, Young Crowd, Lesbian

Silver Future can be found in the lively queer scene of Berlin Neukölln. This is the place to be provocative and unconventional. A sign hanging over the bar tells patrons to leave their "heteronormativity" at the door or else they can leave themselves. The tables, seating and countless pictures on the walls are as varied as the guests. The bar is particularly popular with lesbian women, but gay newcomers to Berlin from all over the world appreciate the family atmosphere. Known for well prices drinks and friendly service.


Outdoor Seating, Food, Drag

Südblock is located right at Kottbusser Tor and is one of the renowned queer spaces in Berlin. With a large outdoor terrace, this cafe, bar, cabaret and party venue offers a unique experience in one the most diverse parts of the city.The cafe normally opens for breakfast, lunch and the very German afternoon "coffee and cake" before becoming more of a bar in the evening, with a varied events program, including bands, drag, quiz nights and more. The weekly Sunday brunch is a highlight and very popular as you pay what you think it was worth!


Older Crowd, Cruising

Tabasco Bar Berlin: boys meet men - men meet boys. The bar is one of the oldest gay bars in Berlin. It is located in the main gay street near Nollendorfplatz and is best reached by bus and subway via Nollendorfplatz.The Tabasco Bar has become a popular and lively meeting point over the years. There is always something going on here, whether a normal evening with friendly entertainment or an event with a colorful program - everyone feels comfortable here.

The Little Philharmony

Drag, Older Crowd

A long established bar, popular with an older, arty clientele. It has a very cosy feeling, like being in someone's front room. Check out if there are any shows on when you are visiting Berlin. This is a very different venue from other gay bars in the city.

The New Oldtimer

Older Crowd, Smoking

A great bar for people over 50. Laid back and so friendly. You can choose the music with your drinks order, just look for the music list book on the bar or look around at the record covers and note the numbers.

TheCoven Bar

Pub Vibes, Cocktails

Stylish gay freindly bar with a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere, located near Alexanderplatz. The Coven offers a selection of premium alcohol drinks and cocktails, great music and a friendly service in a cosy, modern environment.

Tom's Bar

Fetish, Cruising

Long-standing gay bar with cruisy vibe, offering a large screen, leather-clad men & a dark room.

Woof Berlin

Men Only, Bear, Fetish, Cruising

Berlin's most popular bar among bears and their admirers, located on Fuggerstrasse in Berlin's gay village. Now with tables outside as well as inside, the bar offers a broad range of drinks and a friendly, yet cruisy atmosphere. The darkroom is open once again, and there is a smoking room inside the bar too. Come and say hi to Kim, the handsome owner, and the other great guys behind the bar. Closing time depends on how long guests stay drinking! Men only.

Recommended gay friendly hotels in Berlin

As Berlin is such a large city, it's more important than ever to choose the right location for you. In the west of the city, you'll be close to the Schöneberg gay village, as well as the famous Berlin Zoo and shopping street Kurfürstendamm. Or stay further east to be in the edgier and more hispter part of town. Wherever you choose to stay, perhaps treat yourself to a luxury hotel or stay budget and spend what you save on partying! Check out GayMapper recommendations for gay friendly hotel deals in Berlin, Germany. You're able to support GayMapper by checking out our hotel deals as this helps us to keep the site updated with all this useful information!

Tours & Experiences in Berlin

Make the most of your travels by pre-booking our popular tours and experiences.  There's a whole range of options, from cultural and historical to food, drink and nightlife.  Get under the skin of your destination, and book a tour or experience now.  

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